Workshops and tutorials will take place July 16th & 17th, 2015.
They will commence at 8:30 and end at 18:00.
They will take place at the I.T.I.S Galilei, Via Conte Verde 51 00185 Rome






THU-1 Model Learning for Human-Robot Communication Thomas Howard
Matthew Walter
7/16 109

THU-2 Multi-View Geometry in Robotics (MVIGRO) Vadim Indelman
Luca Carlone
Frank Dellaert
7/16 morning laboratory

THU-3 Bridging the Gap between Data-Driven and Analytical Physics-based Grasping and Manipulation) Yasemin Bekiroglu
Carl Henrik Ek
Florian T. Pokorny
Yu Sun
7/16 108

THU-4 The Big Questions in Robotics Andrea Censi
Emilio Frazzoli
John Leonard
7/16 afternoon great hall

THU-5 Learning Reusable Concepts in Robotics Justus Piater
Tamim Asfour
7/16 117

THU-6 Combining AI Reasoning and Cognitive Science with Robotics Patrick Beeson
Esra Erdem
Volkan Patoglu
Ron Petrick
Michael Spranger
7/16 113

THU-7 Principles of Multi-Robot Systems Lorenzo Sabattini
Antonio Franchi
Nora Ayanian
Robert Fitch
7/16 104

THU-8 Women in Robotics II Julie Shah
Anca Dragan
Maren Bennewitz
7/16 105

THU-9 Learning from Demonstration: Inverse Optimal Control, Reinforcement Learning, and Lifelong Learning Jim Mainprice
Nathan Ratliff
Sergey Levine
Dmitry Berenson
Stefan Schaal
7/16 106

THU-10 canceled Using socially assistive robots for hospitalized children: practice perspectives and future research directions Cecilio Angulo
Marcel Heerink
7/16 afternoon TBD

THU-11 Rapid and Repeatable Robot Simulation (R4 SIM) Andrew Symington
Simon Julier
Gabe Sibley
Nisar Ahmed
Nate Koenig
Tully Foote
7/16 114

THU-12 AAAI-RSS Special Workshop on the 50th Anniversary of Shakey: The Role of AI to Harmonize Robots and Humans Siddhartha Srinivasa
Pieter Abbeel
Aaron M. Johnson
Sachin Patil
7/16 morning great hall

TF-1 Abstraction and Synthesis of Correct-by-Construction Robotics Software: Reuniting Formal Methods with Model-Driven Software Engineering Benjamin Johnson
Vasumathi Raman
Jie Fu
Shashank Pathak
Armando Tacchella
Lorenzo Natale
Arunkumar Ramaswamy
Bruno Monsuez
Adriana Tapus
7/16-17 112

FRI-1 Workshop on negative results in experimental robotics: learning the right lessons from robots Ross Knepper
Dylan Shell
7/17 217

FRI-2 The problem of mobile sensors: Setting future goals and indicators of progress for SLAM Yasir Latif
Henry Carrillo
Jose Neira
Cesar Cadena
Luca Carlone
Ian Reid
John Leonard
7/17 laboratory

FRI-3 Reviewing the review process: An open review experiment for the robotics community Gian Diego Tipaldi
Pratik Agarwal
Wolfram Burgard
7/17 morning 215

FRI-4 Robotic Uses for Tails Aaron M. Johnson
Daniel E. Koditschek
7/17 219

FRI-5 Wearable Robots for Bipedal Locomotion Jose L. Contreras-Vida
Marco Molinari
Jose Pons
Seong-Whan Lee
109 7/17

FRI-6 Towards a unifying framework for whole-body and manipulation control Francesco Nori
Maximo A. Roa
Daniele Pucci
Edoardo Farnioli
Marco Gabiccini
Antonio Bicchi
7/17 113

FRI-7 Human - Robot Handover, planning, control, social signals Rachid Alami
Maya Cakmak
Aurélie Clodic
Mamoun Gharbi
Stefan Glasauer
Siddhartha Srinivasa
7/17 104

FRI-8 Robotics for Advanced Response to Epidemics (RARE) Robin Murphy
Taskin Padir
Eric Rasmussen
7/17 106

FRI-9 Learning for Visual and Tactile Interaction Tucker Hermans
Patrick van der Smagt
Heni Ben Amor
7/17 108

FRI-10 Workshop on Miniature Legged Robots: From Biological Inspiration to Design Concepts, Modeling, and Control Konstantinos Karydis
Dana Vogtmann
Gavin Kenneally
Ioannis Poulakakis
Herbert Tanner
7/17 114