Technical Program

The conference program as a PDF file.

Wednesday, June 8th

8:15-8:30 Opening Remarks
8:30-9:20 Invited talk: Biological Inspiration in the Design of Legged Robotics, Artificial Muscles and Feet
Bob Full, University of California at Berkeley
9:20-9:40 Break
9:40-11:10 Interacting Markov Random Fields for Simultaneous Terrain Modeling and Obstacle Detection
Carl Wellington, Aaron Courville, Tony Stentz

Active Learning for Outdoor Obstacle Detection
Cristian Dima, Martial Hebert

Dynamic Maps for Long-Term Operation of Mobile Service Robots
Peter Biber, Tom Duckett

Spotlights for posters 1-5

11:10-12:00 Invited talk: Learning To Use a Body
Geoff Hinton, University of Toronto
12:00-1:30 Lunch
1:30-2:20 Invited talk: Computer Vision: Redoing it as a Gigantic Search Problem
Takeo Kanade, Carnegie Mellon University
2:20-3:25 Star-shaped Roadmaps - A Deterministic Sampling Approach for Complete Motion Planning
Gokul Varadhan, Dinesh Manocha

Complete Path Planning for Planar Closed Chains among Point Obstacles
Guanfeng Liu, Jeff Trinkle

Spotlights for posters 6-10

3:25-3:45 Break
3:45-4:50 Vision-based Distributed Coordination and Flocking of Multiagent Systems
Nima Moshtagh, Ali Jadbabaie, Kostas Daniilidis

Formation Stabilization of Multiple Agents Using Decentralized Navigation Functions
Herbert Tanner, Amit Kumar

Spotlights for poster 11-14

7:00-10:00 Poster session I

Thursday, June 9th

8:30-9:20 Invited talk: Multimodal Sensor Fusion in Man and Machine
Heinrich Bülthoff, MPI for Biological Cybernetics
9:20-9:40 Break
9:40-11:10 Three Dimensional Stochastic Reconfiguration of Modular Robots
Paul White, Victor Zykov, Josh Bongard, Hod Lipson

On Correlating Sonar Images
Richard Rikoski, James Cobb, Daniel Brown

Square Root SAM
Frank Dellaert

Spotlights for posters 15-19

11:10-12:00 Invited talk: Connecting Brain and Humanoids by Computational Neuroscience
Mitsuo Kawato, ATR
12:00-1:30 Lunch
1:30-2:20 Invited talk: Programming Work
Dan Koditschek, University of Pennsylvania
2:20-3:25 Topological Mapping with Multiple Visual Manifolds
Greg Grudic, Jane Mulligan

Scaling Hard Vertical Surfaces with Compliant Microspine Arrays
Alan Asbeck, Sangbae Kim, William R. Provancher, Michele Lanzetta, M.R. Cutkosky

Spotlights for posters 20-24

3:25-3:45 Break
3:45-4:50 Multi-robot Simultaneous Localization and Mapping using Acausal Particle Filters
Andrew Howard

Data driven MCMC for Appearance-based Topological Mapping
Ananth Ranganathan, Frank Dellaert

Spotlights for posters 25-27

7:00-10:00 Poster session II

Friday, June 10th

8:30-9:20 Invited talk: Surgery Simulation With Geometric, Physical, and Physiological Models
Nicholas Ayache, INRIA
9:20-10:10 Biologically Inspired Miniature Water Strider Robot
Steve H. Suhr, Sang Jun Lee, Yun Seong Song, Metin Sitti

Micro and Nanorobotic Assembly Using Dielectrophoresis
Arunkumar Subramanian, Barmeshwar Vikramaditya, Lixin Dong, Dominik Bell, Bradley J. Nelson

10:10-10:30 Break
10:30-11:20 Invited talk: Creating a DNA World
Erik Winfree, California Institute of Technology
11:20-12:10 Blind Swarms for Coverage in 2D
Robert Ghrist, Vin de Silva, Abubakr Muhammad

Auction-Based Multi-Robot Routing
Michail Lagoudakis, Vangelis Markakis, David Kempe, Pinar Keskinocak, Sven Koenig, Anton Kleywegt, Craig Tovey, Adam Meyerson, Sonal Jain

12:10-1:30 Lunch
1:30-2:20 Invited talk: Socially Interactive Robots That Assist, Entertain, and Learn
Cynthia Breazeal, MIT
2:20-3:10 Shape, Motion, and Parameter Estimation of Flexible Space Structures using Laser Rangefinders
Matthew Lichter, Steven Dubowsky, Hiroshi Ueno, Shinji Mitani

Model-Based Error Correction for Flexible Robotic Surgical Instruments
Ryan Beasley, Robert Howe

3:10-3:30 Break
3:30-4:20 Data Structure for Real-Time Processing in 3D
Jean-Francois Lalonde, Nicolas Vandapel, Martial Hebert

Sigma-MCL: Monte-Carlo Localization for Mobile Robots with Stereo Vision Pantelis Elinas

4:30-5:00 Open Mike session for conference planning and feedback
6:00-9:00 Banquet

Poster session I (June 8)

  1. Visually Navigating the RMS Titanic with SLAM Information Filters
    Ryan Eustice, Hanumant Singh, John Leonard, Matthew Walter, Robert Ballard
  2. Information Gain-based Exploration Using Rao-Blackwellized Particle Filters
    Cyrill Stachniss, Giorgio Grisetti, Wolfram Burgard
  3. Performance Bounds for Cooperative Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (C-SLAM)
    Anastasios Mourikis, Stergios Roumeliotis
  4. Efficient Exploration With Latent Structure
    Bethany Leffler, Michael Littman, Alexander Strehl, Thomas Walsh
  5. A polynomial-time algorithm to design push plans for sensorless parts sorting
    Mark de Berg, Xavier Goaoc, Frank van der Stappen
  6. Efficient Motion Planning Based on Disassembly
    Yuandong Yang, Oliver Brock
  7. Toward Optimal Configuration Space Sampling
    Brendan Burns, Oliver Brock
  8. Natural Gait Generation Techniques for Principally Kinematic Mechanical Systems
    Elie Shammas, Howie Choset, Alfred Rizzi
  9. A Two-Point Boundary-Value Approach for Planning Manipulation Tasks
    Peng Song, Vijay Kumar, Jong-Shi Pang
  10. Dynamic Task Allocation in Robot Swarms
    James McLurkin, Daniel Yamins
  11. Microrobotic Streak Seeding For Protein Crystal Growth
    Atanas Georgiev, Peter Allen, Ting Song, Andrew Laine, William Edstrom, John Hunt
  12. Single Actuator Control of a 3DOF Hopping Robot
    Cherouvim Nicholas, Papadopoulos Evangelos
  13. Modeling Complex Contacts Involving Deformable Objects for Haptic and Graphic Rendering
    Qi Luo, Jing Xiao

Poster session II (June 9)

  1. Robot Planning in Partially Observable Continuous Domains
    Josep Porta, Matthijs Spaan, Nikos Vlassis
  2. Path Planning for Deformable Robots in Complex Environments
    Russell Gayle, William Segars, Ming Lin and Dinesh Manocha
  3. Motion Planning in the Presence of Drift, Underactuation and Discrete System Changes
    Andrew Ladd, Lydia Kavraki
  4. BioCD : efficient self-collision and distance computation in highly articulated molecular models
    Vicente Ruiz de Angulo, Juan Cortes, Thierry Simeon
  5. An RRT-Based Algorithm for Testing and Validating Multi-Robot Controllers
    Jongwoo Kim, Joel Esposito, Vijay Kumar
  6. Roadmap Based Pursuit-Evasion and Collision Avoidance
    Volkan Isler, Dengfeng Sun and Shankar Sastry
  7. Single-Cluster Spectral Graph Partitioning for Robotics Applications
    Edwin Olson, Matthew Walter, Seth Teller, John Leonard
  8. Adaptive Road Following using Self-Supervised Learning and Reverse Optical Flow
    David Lieb, Andrew Lookingbill, Sebastian Thrun
  9. Optimal Sensing Strategies for Mobile Robot Formations: Resource-Constrained Localization
    Anastasios Mourikis, Stergios Roumeliotis
  10. Discriminative Training of Kalman Filters
    Pieter Abbeel, Adam Coates, Michael Montemerlo, Andrew Ng, Sebastian Thrun
  11. Time Complexity of Conflict-Free Vehicle Routing
    Vikrant Sharma, Emilio Frazzoli, Petros Voulgaris
  12. The Stability of Pointmass Hoppers with Varying Morphology and Minimal Feedback
    Justin Seipel
  13. Optimal design of robots
    Jean-Pierre Merlet