Robotics: Science and Systems XI

ElasticFusion: Dense SLAM Without A Pose Graph

Thomas Whelan, Stefan Leutenegger, Renato Salas Moreno, Ben Glocker, Andrew Davison


We present a novel approach to real-time dense visual SLAM. Our system is capable of capturing comprehensive dense globally consistent surfel-based maps of room scale environments explored using an RGB-D camera in an incremental online fashion, without pose graph optimisation or any post-processing steps. This is accomplished by using dense frame-to-model camera tracking and windowed surfel-based fusion coupled with frequent model refinement through non-rigid surface deformations. Our approach applies local model-to-model surface loop closure optimisations as often as possible to stay close to the mode of the map distribution, while utilising global loop closure to recover from arbitrary drift and maintain global consistency.



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