Robotics: Science and Systems II

Table of Contents

Haptic Playback: Modeling, Controller Design, and Stability Analysis
M. Corno, M. Zefran
Optimal Rules for Programmed Stochastic Self-Assembly
E. Klavins, S. Burden and N. Napp
Sliding Autonomy for Complex Coordinated Multi-Robot Tasks: Analysis & Experiments
F. Heger, S. Singh
Improving Robot Navigation Through Self-Supervised Online Learning
B. Sofman, E. Lin, J. Bagnell, N. Vandapel, A. Stentz
Self-supervised Monocular Road Detection in Desert Terrain
H. Dahlkamp, A. Kaehler, D. Stavens, S. Thrun, G. Bradski
Enhancing Supervised Terrain Classification with Predictive Unsupervised Learning
M. Happold, M. Ollis, N. Johnson
Distributed Coverage Control with Sensory Feedback for Networked Robots
M. Schwager, J. McLurkin, D. Rus
Integrated Planning and Control for Convex-bodied Nonholonomic systems using Local Feedback Control Policies
D. Conner, H. Choset, A. Rizzi
On Comparing the Power of Mobile Robots
J. O'Kane, S. LaValle
Exploiting Locality in SLAM by Nested Dissection
P. Krauthausen, A. Kipp, F. Dellaert
Unified Inverse Depth Parametrization for Monocular SLAM
J. Montiel, J. Civera, A. Davison
Qualitative Hybrid Control of Dynamic Bipedal Walking
S. Ramamoorthy, B. Kuipers
Gait Regulation and Feedback on a Robotic Climbing Hexapod
G. Haynes, A. Rizzi
Slip Prediction Using Visual Information
A. Angelova, L. Matthies, D. Helmick, P. Perona
Pursuit and evasion in non-convex domains of arbitrary dimensions
S. Alexander, R. Bishop, R. Ghrist
Development of Methodology for Design and Analysis of Physically Cooperating Robot and Applications to Other Robotic Systems
A. Deshpande, J. Luntz
An Equilibrium Point based Model Unifying Movement Control in Humanoids
X. Gu, D. Ballard
A new inlier identification scheme for robust estimation problems
W. Zhang, J. Kosecka
A Probabilistic Exemplar Approach to Combine Laser and Vision for Person Tracking
D. Schulz
Outdoor Path Labeling Using Polynomial Mahalanobis Distance
G. Grudic, J. Mulligan
Probabilistic Terrain Analysis For High-Speed Desert Driving
S. Thrun, M. Montemerlo, A. Aron
Multi-loop Position Analysis via Iterated Linear Programming
J. Porta, L. Ros, F. Thomas
Inverse Kinematics for a Serial Chain with Joints Under Distance Constraints
L. Han, L. Rudolph
A Gravity Balancing Passive Exoskeleton for the Human Leg
S. Agrawal, S. Banala, A. Fattah
Design Methodologies for Central Pattern Generators: An Application to Crawling Humanoids
L. Righetti, A. Ijspeert
Dynamic Imitation in a Humanoid Robot through Nonparametric Probabilistic Inference
D. Grimes, R. Chalodhorn, R. Rao
Computing Smooth Feedback Plans Over Cylindrical Algebraic Decompositions
S. Lindemann, S. LaValle
Analytical Characterization of the Accuracy of SLAM without Absolute Orientation Measurements
A. Mourikis, S. Roumeliotis
The Identity Management Kalman Filter (IMKF)
B. Schumitsch, S. Thrun, L. Guibas, K. Olukotun
Adaptive Dynamics with Efficient Contact Handling for Articulated Robots
R. Gayle, M. Lin, D. Manocha
Generation of Point-contact State Space between Strictly Curved Objects
P. Tang, J. Xiao
A Bayesian Approach to Nonlinear Parameter Identification for Rigid Body Dynamics
J. Ting, M. Mistry, J. Peters, S. Schaal, J. Nakanishi
Learning Operational Space Control
J. Peters, S. Schaal
The Iterated Sigma Point Kalman Filter with Applications to Long Range Stereo
G. Sibley, G. Sukhatme, L. Matthies
Environment Identification for a Running Robot Using Inertial and Actuator Cues
P. Giguere, G. Dudek, S. Saunderson, C. Prahacs
Elastic Roadmaps: Globally Task-Consistent Motion for Autonomous Mobile Manipulation in Dynamic Environments
Y. Yang, O. Brock
Responsive Robot Gaze to Interaction Partner
Y. Yoshikawa, K. Shinozawa, H. Ishiguro, N. Hagita, T. Miyamoto
On the Dubins Traveling Salesperson Problems: novel approximation algorithms
K. Savla, E. Frazzoli, F. Bullo
Gaussian Processes for Signal Strength-Based Location Estimation
B. Ferris, D. Haehnel, D. Fox