Robotics: Science and Systems II

Gait Regulation and Feedback on a Robotic Climbing Hexapod

G. Haynes, A. Rizzi

Abstract: This paper proposes a novel method of applying feedback control for legged robots, by directly modifying parameters of a robots gait pattern. Gaits are a popular means of producing stable locomotion on legged robots, through the use of cyclic feedforward motion patterns, while requiring little to no sensory information. We are interested, however, in incorporating feedback with these systems, and attempt to use salient key parameters, found in gait patterns, to produce behaviors that span the space of possible gaits. These concepts are applied to a robotic hexapod, which, through the use of compliant microspines on its feet, is capable of climbing hard vertical textured surfaces, such as stucco. Experimental results are obtained comparing the use of a purely feedforward gait pattern to a behavior that actively modifies gait parameters while climbing, based upon sensory data.



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