Robotics: Science and Systems IV

Table of Contents

Bridging the Gap of Abstraction for Probabilistic Decision Making on a Multi-Modal Service Robot
Sven Schmidt-Rohr, Steffen Knoop, Martin Lösch, Rüdiger Dillmann
Clustering Sensor Data for Terrain Identification using a Windowless Algorithm
Philippe Giguere, Gregory Dudek
A Numerically Robust LCP Solver for Simulating Articulated Rigid Bodies in Contact
Katsu Yamane, Yoshihiko Nakamura
Using Recognition to Guide a Robot's Attention
Alexander Thomas, Vittorio Ferrari, Bastian Leibe, Tinne Tuytelaars, Luc Van Gool
Simplex-Tree Based Kinematics of Foldable Objects as Multi-body Systems Involving Loops
Li Han, Lee Rudolph
Gas Distribution Modeling using Sparse Gaussian Process Mixture Models
Cyrill Stachniss, Christian Plagemann, Achim Lilienthal, Wolfram Burgard
Prior Data and Kernel Conditional Random Fields for Obstacle Detection
Carlos Vallespi-Gonzalez, Tony Stentz
NanoNewton Force Sensing and Control in Microrobotic Cell Manipulation
Xinyu Liu, Keekyoung Kim, Yong Zhang, Yu Sun
Target Enumeration via Integration over Planar Sensor Networks
Robert Ghrist, Yuliy Baryshnikov
A Local Collision Avoidance Method for Non-strictly Convex Polyhedra
Fumio Kanehiro, Florent Lamiraux, Oussama Kanoun, Eiichi Yoshida, Jean-Paul Laumond
Friction-Induced Velocity Fields for Point Parts Sliding on a Rigid Oscillated Plate
Thomas Vose, Paul Umbanhowar, Kevin Lynch
Detection of Principle Directions in Unknown Environments for Autonomous Navigation
Dmitri Dolgov, Sebastian Thrun
Approximation Schemes for Two-Player Pursuit Evasion Games with Visibility Constraints
Sourabh Bhattacharya, Seth Hutchinson
Improving Localization Robustness in Monocular SLAM Using a High-Speed Camera
Peter Gemeiner, Andrew Davison, Markus Vincze
Adaptive Body Scheme Models for Robust Robotic Manipulation
Juergen Sturm, Christian Plagemann, Wolfram Burgard
Learning to Manipulate Articulated Objects in Unstructured Environments Using a Grounded Relational Representation
Dov Katz, Yuri Pyuro, Oliver Brock
BiSpace Planning: Concurrent Multi-Space Exploration
Rosen Diankov, Nathan Ratliff, Dave Ferguson, Siddhartha Srinivasa, James Kuffner
Classifying Dynamic Objects: An Unsupervised Learning Approach
Matthias Luber, Kai Arras, Christian Plagemann, Wolfram Burgard
fMRI-Compatible Robotic Interfaces with Fluidic Actuation
Ningbo Yu, Christoph Hollnagel, Armin Blickenstorfer, Spyros Kollias, Robert Riener
SARSOP: Efficient Point-Based POMDP Planning by Approximating Optimally Reachable Belief Spaces
Hanna Kurniawati, David Hsu, Wee Sun Lee
Hybrid Motion Planning Using Minkowski Sums
Jyh-Ming Lien
Multi-Sensor Lane Finding in Urban Road Networks
Albert Huang, David Moore, Matthew Antone, Edwin Olson, Seth Teller
Proofs and Experiments in Scalable, Near-Optimal Search by Multiple Robots
Geoffrey Hollinger, Sanjiv Singh
Dynamic Modeling of Stick Slip Motion in an Untethered Magnetic Micro-Robot
Steven Floyd, Chytra Pawashe, Metin Sitti
Stochastic Recruitment: A Limited-Feedback Control Policy for Large Ensemble Systems
Lael Odhner, Harry Asada
Bearing-Only Control Laws For Balanced Circular Formations of Ground Robots
Nima Moshtagh, Nathan Michael, Ali Jadbabaie, Kostas Daniilidis
Probabilistic Models of Object Geometry for Grasp Planning
Jared Glover, Daniela Rus, Nicholas Roy
High Performance Outdoor Navigation from Overhead Data using Imitation Learning
David Silver, James Bagnell, Anthony Stentz
HyPE: Hybrid Particle-Element Approach for Recursive Bayesian Searching and Tracking
Benjamin Lavis, Tomonari Furukawa,
Abstractions and Algorithms for Cooperative Multiple Robot Planar Manipulation
Peng Cheng, Jonathan Fink, Vijay Kumar
Structural Improvement Filtering Strategy for PRM
Roger Pearce, Marco Morales, Nancy Amato
Controlling Shapes of Ensembles of Robots of Finite Size with Nonholonomic Constraints
Nathan Michael, Vijay Kumar
Metastable Walking on Stochastically Rough Terrain
Katie Byl, Russ Tedrake
Planning Long Dynamically-Feasible Maneuvers For Autonomous Vehicles
Maxim Likhachev, Dave Ferguson
Fast Probabilistic Labeling of City Maps
Ingmar Posner, Mark Cummins, Paul Newman
Laser and Vision Based Outdoor Object Mapping
Bertrand Douillard, Dieter Fox, Fabio Ramos
Model Based Vehicle Tracking for Autonomous Driving in Urban Environments
Anna Petrovskaya, Sebastian Thrun
CPG-based Control of a Turtle-like Underwater Vehicle
Keehong Seo, Soon-Jo Chung, Jean-Jacques Slotine
Distributed Localization of Modular Robot Ensembles
Funiak Stanislav, Padmanabhan Pillai, Michael Ashley-Rollman, Jason Campbell, Seth Goldstein
Super-Flexible Skin Sensors Embedded on the Whole Body, Self-Organizing Based on Haptic Interactions
Tomoyuki Noda, Takahiro Miyashita, Hiroshi Ishiguro, Norihiro Hagita