Robotics: Science and Systems XI

DeepMPC: Learning Deep Latent Features for Model Predictive Control

Ian Lenz, Ross Knepper, Ashutosh Saxena


Designing robotic controllers for tasks with complex non-linear dynamics is extremely challenging, time-consuming, and in many cases, infeasible. This difficulty is exacerbated in tasks such as robotic food-cutting, in which dynamics might vary both with environmental properties, such as material and tool class, and with time while acting. In this work, we present DeepMPC, an online real-time model-predictive control approach designed to handle such difficult tasks. Rather than hand-design a dynamics model for the task, our approach uses a novel deep architecture and learning algorithm, learning controllers for complex tasks directly from data. We validate our method in experiments on a large-scale dataset of 1488 material cuts for 20 diverse classes, and in 450 real-world robotic experiments, demonstrating significant improvement over several other approaches.



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