Robotics: Science and Systems XIII

Rich Time Series Classification Using Temporal Logic

Chanyeol Yoo, Calin Belta


Time series classification is an important task in robotics that is often solved using supervised machine learning. However, classifier models are typically not `readable' in the sense that humans cannot intuitively learn useful information about the relationship between inputs and outputs. In this paper, we address the problem of rich time series classification where we propose a novel framework for finding a temporal logic classifier specified in a human-readable form. The classifier is represented as a signal temporal logic (STL) formula that is expressive in capturing spatial, temporal and logical relations from a continuous-valued dataset over time. In the framework, we first find a set of representative logical formulas from the raw dataset, and then construct an STL classifier using a tree-based clustering algorithm. We show that the framework runs in polynomial time and validate it using simulated examples where our framework is significantly more efficient than the closest existing framework (up to 920 times faster).



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