Robotics: Science and Systems XVII

Jerk-limited Real-time Trajectory Generation with Arbitrary Target States

Lars Berscheid, Torsten Kroeger


We present Ruckig; an algorithm for Online Trajectory Generation (OTG) respecting third-order constraints and complete kinematic target states. Given any initial state of a system with multiple Degrees of Freedom (DoFs); Ruckig calculates a time-optimal trajectory to an arbitrary target state defined by its position; velocity; and acceleration limited by velocity; acceleration; and jerk constraints. The proposed algorithm and implementation allows three contributions: (1) To the best of our knowledge; we derive the first time-optimal OTG algorithm for arbitrary; multi-dimensional target states; in particular including non-zero target acceleration. (2) This is the first open-source prototype of time-optimal OTG with limited jerk and complete time synchronization for multiple DoFs. (3) Ruckig allows for directional velocity and acceleration limits; enabling robots to better use their dynamical resources. We evaluate the robustness and real-time capability of the proposed algorithm on a test suite with over 1 000 000 000 random trajectories as well as in real-world applications.



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