Robotics: Science and Systems XIX

Convex Geometric Motion Planning on Lie Groups via Moment Relaxation

Sangli Teng, Ashkan Jasour, Ram Vasudevan, Maani Ghaffari Jadidi


This paper reports a novel result: with proper robot models on matrix Lie groups, one can formulate the kinodynamic motion planning problem for rigid body systems as \emph{exact} polynomial optimization problems that can be relaxed as semidefinite programming (SDP). Due to the nonlinear rigid body dynamics, the motion planning problem for rigid body systems is nonconvex. Existing global optimization-based methods do not properly deal with the configuration space of the 3D rigid body; thus, they do not scale well to long-horizon planning problems. We use Lie groups as the configuration space in our formulation and apply the variational integrator to formulate the forced rigid body systems as quadratic polynomials. Then we leverage Lasserre's hierarchy to obtain the globally optimal solution via SDP. By constructing the motion planning problem in a sparse manner, the results show that the proposed algorithm has \emph{linear} complexity with respect to the planning horizon. This paper demonstrates the proposed method can provide rank-one optimal solutions at relaxation order two for most of the testing cases of 1) 3D drone landing using the full dynamics model and 2) inverse kinematics for serial manipulators.



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