Robotics: Science and Systems III

Fishbone Model for Belt Object Deformation

Hidefumi Wakamatsu, Eiji Arai, and Shinichi Hirai

Abstract: A modeling method for representing belt object deformation is proposed. Deformation of a belt object such as film circuit boards or flexible circuit boards must be estimated for automatic manipulation and assembly. In this paper, we assume that deformation of an inextensible belt object can be described by the shape of its central axis in a longitudinal direction called ``the spine line'' and lines with zero curvature called ``rib lines''. This model is referred to as a ``fishbone model'' in this paper. First, we describe deformation of a rectangular belt object using differential geometry. Next, we propose the fishbone model considering characteristics of developable surface, i.e., surface without expansion or contraction. Then, we formulate potential energy of the object and constraints imposed on it. Finally, we explain a procedure to compute the deformed shape of the object and show some computational results to demonstrate the feasibility of our fishbone model.



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