Robotics: Science and Systems V

Highly scalable appearance-only SLAM - FAB-MAP 2.0

M. Cummins and P. Newman


We describe a new formulation of appearance-only SLAM suitable for very large scale navigation. The system navigates in the space of appearance, assigning each new observation to either a new or previously visited location, without reference to metric position. The system is demonstrated performing reliable online appearance mapping and loop closure detection over a 1,000km trajectory, with mean filter update times of 14 ms. The 1,000km experiment is more than an order of magnitude larger than any previously reported result. The scalability of the system is achieved by defining a sparse approximation to the FAB-MAP model suitable for implementation using an inverted index. Our formulation of the problem is fully probabilistic and naturally incorporates robustness against perceptual aliasing. The 1,000km data set comprising almost a terabyte of omni-directional and stereo imagery is available for use, and we hope that it will serve as a benchmark for future systems.



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