Robotics: Science and Systems VIII

Minimal Coordinate Formulation of Contact Dynamics in Operational Space

Abhinandan Jain, Cory Crean, Calvin Kuo, Hubertus Von Bremen, Steven Myint


In recent years, complementarity techniques have been developed for modeling non-smooth contact and collision dynamics problems for multi-link robotic systems. In this approach, a linear complementarity problem (LCP) is set up using 6n non-minimal coordinates for a system with n links together with all the unilateral constraints and inter-link bilateral constraints on the system. In this paper, we use operational space dynamics to develop a complementarity formulation for contact and collision dynamics that uses minimal coordinates. The use of such non-redundant coordinates results in much smaller size LCP problems and the automatic enforcement of the inter-link bilateral constraints. Furthermore, we exploit operational space low-order algorithms to overcome some of the computational bottlenecks in using minimal coordinates.



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