Robotics: Science and Systems VIII

Robust Loop Closing Over Time

Yasir Latif, Cesar Cadena Lerma, José Neira


Long term autonomy in robots requires the ability to reconsider previously taken decisions when new evidence becomes available. Loop closing links generated by a place recognition system may become inconsistent as additional evidence arrives. This paper is concerned with the detection and exclusion of such contradictory information from the map being built, in order to recover the correct map estimate. We propose a novel consistency based method to extract the loop closure regions that agree both among themselves and with the robot trajectory over time. We also assume that the contradictory loop closures are inconsistent among themselves and with the robot trajectory. We support our proposal, the RRR algorithm, on well-known odometry systems, e.g. visual or laser, using the very efficient graph optimization framework g2o as back-end.We back our claims with several experiments carried out on real data.



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