Robotics: Science and Systems VIII

Efficiently finding optimal winding-constrained loops in the plane

Paul Vernaza, Venkatraman Narayanan, Maxim Likhachev


We present a method to efficiently find winding- constrained loops in the plane that are optimal with respect to a minimum-cost objective and in the presence of obstacles. Our approach is similar to a typical graph-based search for an optimal path in the plane, but with an additional state variable that encodes information about path homotopy. Upon finding a loop, the value of this state corresponds to a line integral over the loop that indicates how many times it winds around each obstacle, enabling us to reduce the problem of finding paths satisfying winding constraints to that of searching for paths to suitable states in this augmented state space. We give an intuitive interpretation of the method based on fluid mechanics and show how this yields a way to perform the necessary calculations efficiently. Results are given in which we use our method to find optimal routes for autonomous surveillance and intruder containment.



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