Robotics: Science and Systems X

A Novel Type of Compliant, Underactuated Robotic Hand for Dexterous Grasping

Raphael Deimel, Oliver Brock


We built a highly compliant, underactuated, robust and at the same time dexterous anthropomorphic hand. We evaluate its dexterous grasping capabilities by implementing the comprehensive Feix taxonomy of human grasps and by assessing the dexterity of its opposable thumb using the Kapandji test. We also illustrate the hand's payload limits and demonstrate its grasping capabilities in real-world grasping experiments. To support our claim that compliant structures are beneficial for dexterous grasping, we compare the dimensionality of control necessary to implement the diverse grasp postures with the dimensionality of the grasp postures themselves. We find that actuation space is smaller than posture space and explain the difference with the mechanic interaction between hand and grasped object. Additional desirable properties are derived from using soft robotics technology: the hand is robust to impact and blunt collisions, inherently safe, and not affected by dirt, dust, or liquids. Furthermore, the hand is simple and inexpensive to manufacture.



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