Robotics: Science and Systems XII

Recursive Decentralized Collaborative Localization for Sparsely Communicating Robots

Lukas Luft, Tobias Schubert, Stergios I. Roumeliotis, Wolfram Burgard


This paper provides a new fully-decentralized al- gorithm for Collaborative Localization based on the extended Kalman filter. The major challenge in decentralized collaborative localization is to track inter-robot dependencies – which is particularly difficult in situations where sustained synchronous communication between robots cannot be guaranteed. Current approaches suffer from the need for particular communica- tion schemes, extensive bookkeeping of measurements, overly- conservative assumptions, or the restriction to specific mea- surement models. To the best of our knowledge, the algorithm we propose in this paper is the first one that tracks inter- robot correlations while fulfilling all of the following relevant conditions: communication is limited to two robots that obtain a relative measurement, the algorithm is recursive in the sense that it does not require storage of measurements and each robot maintains only the latest estimate of its own pose, and it supports generic measurement models. These particularly hard conditions make the approach applicable to a wide range of multi-robot applications. Extensive experiments carried out using real world datasets demonstrate the improved performance of our method compared to several existing approaches.



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