Robotics: Science and Systems XII

Safe Control under Uncertainty with Probabilistic Signal Temporal Logic

Dorsa Sadigh, Ashish Kapoor


Safe control of dynamical systems that satisfy tem- poral invariants expressing various safety properties is a challeng- ing problem that has drawn the attention of many researchers. However, making the assumption that such temporal properties are deterministic is far from the reality. For example, a robotic system might employ a camera sensor and a machine learned system to identify obstacles. Consequently, the safety properties the controller has to satisfy, will be a function of the sensor data and the associated classifier. We propose a framework for achieving safe control. At the heart of our approach is the new Probabilistic Signal Temporal Logic (PrSTL), an expressive language to define stochastic properties, and enforce probabilistic guarantees on them. We also present an efficient algorithm to reason about safe controllers given the constraints derived from the PrSTL specification. One of the key distinguishing features of PrSTL is that the encoded logic is adaptive and changes as the system encounters additional data and updates its beliefs about the latent random variables that define the safety properties. We demonstrate our approach by deriving safe control of quadrotors and autonomous vehicles in dynamic environments.



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