Robotics: Science and Systems XII

Closed Loop Control of a Tethered Magnetic Capsule Endoscope

Addisu Z. Taddese, Piotr R. Slawinski, Keith L. Obstein, Pietro Valdastri


Magnetic field gradients have repeatedly been shown to be the most feasible mechanism for gastrointestinal capsule endoscope actuation. An inverse quartic magnetic force varia- tion with distance results in large force gradients induced by small movements of a driving magnet; this necessitates robotic actuation of magnets to implement stable control of the device. A typical system consists of a serial robot with a permanent magnet at its end effector that actuates a capsule with an embedded permanent magnet. We present a tethered capsule system where a capsule with an embedded magnet is closed loop controlled in 2 degree-of-freedom in position and 2 degree-of- freedom in orientation. Capitalizing on the magnetic field of the external driving permanent magnet, the capsule is localized in 6- D allowing for both position and orientation feedback to be used in a control scheme. We developed a relationship between the serial robot’s joint parameters and the magnetic force and torque that is exerted onto the capsule. Our methodology was validated both in a dynamic simulation environment where a custom plug-in for magnetic interaction was written, as well as on an experimental platform. The tethered capsule was demonstrated to follow desired trajectories in both position and orientation with accuracy that is acceptable for colonoscopy.



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