Robotics: Science and Systems XII

Online Feedback Control for Input-Saturated Robotic Systems on Lie Groups

Taosha Fan, Todd Murphey


In this paper, we propose an approach to designing online feedback controllers for input-saturated robotic systems evolving on Lie groups by extending the recently developed Sequential Action Control (SAC). In contrast to existing feedback controllers, our approach poses the nonconvex constrained non- linear optimization problem as the tracking of a desired negative mode insertion gradient on the configuration space of a Lie group. This results in a closed-form feedback control law even with input saturation and thus is well suited for online application. In extending SAC to Lie groups, the associated mode insertion gradient is derived and the switching time optimization on Lie groups is studied. We demonstrate the efficacy and scalability of our approach in the 2D kinematic car on SE(2) and the 3D quadrotor on SE(3). We also implement iLQG on a quadrator model and compare to SAC, demonstrating that SAC is both faster to compute and has a larger basin of attraction.



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