Robotics: Science and Systems XIV

Plug-and-Play Supervisory Control Using Muscle and Brain Signals for Real-Time Gesture and Error Detection

Joseph DelPreto, Andres F. Salazar-Gomez, Stephanie Gil, Ramin M. Hasani, Frank H. Guenther, Daniela Rus


Control of robots in safety-critical tasks and situations where costly errors may occur is paramount for realizing the vision of pervasive human-robot collaborations. For these cases, the ability to use human cognition in the loop can be key for recuperating safe robot operation. This paper combines two streams of human biosignals, electrical muscle and brain activity via EMG and EEG, respectively, to achieve fast and accurate human intervention in a supervisory control task. In particular, this paper presents an end-to-end system for continuous rolling-window classification of gestures that allows the human to actively correct the robot on demand, discrete classification of Error-Related Potential signals (unconsciously produced by the human supervisor's brain when observing a robot error), and a framework that integrates these two classification streams for fast and effective human intervention. The system also allows 'plug-and-play' operation, demonstrating accurate performance even with new users whose biosignals have not been used for training the classifiers. The resulting hybrid control system for safety-critical situations is evaluated with 7 untrained human subjects in a supervisory control scenario where an autonomous robot performs a multi-target selection task.



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