Robotics: Science and Systems XVI

HMPO: Human Motion Prediction in Occluded Environments for Safe Motion Planning

Jaesung Park, Dinesh Manocha


We present a novel approach to generate collision-free trajectories for a robot operating in close proximity with a human obstacle in an occluded environment. The self-occlusions of the robot can significantly reduce the accuracy of human motion prediction, and we present a novel deep learning-based prediction algorithm. Our formulation uses CNNs and LSTMs and we augment human-action datasets with synthetically generated occlusion information for training. We also present an occlusion-aware planner that uses our motion prediction algorithm to compute collision-free trajectories. We highlight performance of the overall approach (HMPO) in complex scenarios and observe upto 68% performance improvement in motion prediction accuracy, and 38% improvement in terms of error distance between the ground-truth and the predicted human joint positions.



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