Robotics: Science and Systems XVII

Dipper: A Dynamically Transitioning Aerial-Aquatic Unmanned Vehicle

Friedrich M Rockenbauer*, Simon Jeger*, Liberto Beltran, Maximilian Berger, Marvin Harms, Noah Kaufmann, Marc Rauch, Moritz Reinders, Nicholas Lawrance, Thomas Stastny, Roland Siegwart
* These authors contributed equally


The locomotion for many modern robotic systems is optimized for a single target domain - aerial; surface or underwater. In this work; we address the challenge of developing a robotic system capable of controlled motion in air and underwater. Further; we explore the particular challenge of dynamic transitions between air and water. We propose Dipper; an aerial-aquatic hybrid vehicle. Dipper is a light-weight fixed-wing UAV with actively swept wings. The bio-inspired system is not only capable of maneuvering efficiently during flight and underwater; but can also perform dynamic aerial-aquatic transitions. We describe the design; construction and testing of the Dipper prototype; and demonstrate repeatability and robustness especially during the transition phases.



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